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 Tariffs renting the canoes
 Kayak 1 seat  € 14,-
Canoe 2 seats  € 28,-
 Canoe 3 seats (max: 2 adults + 1 child of 6-10 years) (or max: 1 adult + 2 children of 6-10 years)  € 35,-
The hours of departure are:
  • 9 am for a return collection between 12.30 – 13.00 hr
  • 11 am for a return collection at 16. 30 hr (it is a good idea to bring a picnic to enjoy)
  • In the afternoon you can depart any time from 13.30 hr ( subject to convenient time slots) with a latest departure time of 16.30 hr


If you are canoeing with children, it is recommended that:
  • the adults who accompany the minors are competent canoeists. and that the children are no younger than 6 -7 years old
  • Also give consideration to the notion of having plenty of time: a good idea is to depart at 11 am and have many stops a long the way for bathing, picnicking etc. in order to avoid the potential weariness of a long journey with little ones!
  • There is also the possibility for groups, introduction to or advanced lessons, or a trip with a qualified instructor (state diploma – Brevet d’Etat) by reservation.