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Discover the Tarn valley with canoe or  kayak

***  NEW ACTIVITY  ***
Framed Paddle Descent at Twilight 8 km
Departure 8 p.m. / 8:30 p.m. from the canoe base at Trebas for a return around 11 p.m.
But also during the day 7 km Departure at 9:30 am Return at noon.
From 12 years old, closed shoes mandatory!
Available for any other information or to reserve on +33 (0)6 75 89 27 81

Navigable from Spring through to the Autumn, the river Tarn is perfect for a trip as a family or with friends. The river has maintained a constant flow of 8–10 m/s throughout the dry seasons. 

Canoeing/kayaking is a pastime that is available for all to enjoy and is perfectly adapted to the individual abilities of each person. The experience also unlocks one’s true inner emotions.
It is the perfect way to contemplate the landscape from a different perspective, to discover animals at every turn in the river: dragonflies, herons, mallards, moorhens, or very simply to paddle in the midst of a shoal of fish.
The upper valley of the Tarn possesses magnificent and picturesque treasures for those who seek the charm of a peaceful and idyllic rural journey. Canoeing/ kayaking is a sport which is at one with nature and respects and safeguards the environment. Just imagine how terrible it would be to live in a world without rivers or with polluted seas. Non-biodegrable litter such as plastic, tin cans and broken bottles are objects which make our beautiful rivers ugly. We should all respect the natural environment which surrounds us as rivers are an essential part of our ecosystem. )

The experience of canoeing/kayaking teaches us to observe all that is around us and that we should pay constant attention to and respect the creation of nature.

We can learn to view, from a different angle, this wondrous world which lies within and around the flowing waters of a river. It is a very simple, pure way to be alone in the middle of nature, far away from society and its crowds.

How it works:

The distance from Trebas to Ambialet is 13 kms. (please see the plan on the site) Canoe-Kayak is located in the village of Trebas very close to all the facilities, bars, restaurants, shops, campsite etc

The rules :
  • You must be able to swim;
  • Lifejackets are obligatory. ( You will also be supplied with water-tight containers for your personal effects);
  • It is recommended that you bring drinks, sunglasses, sun cream, hats and suitable shoes for wearing in water;
  • A minibus will collect you for your return to Trebas.

The track brings you from Trébas to Ambialet over a distance of 14 km.